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Ceiling Hanger Hyderabad Call 9290703352/8309419571

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Buy Ceiling Hanger from manufacturer in Hyderabad. We offer best price compare to dealers in Hyderabad. Available from 4 feet to 8 feet sizes.

Generally speaking we are one of the best roof cloth hangers Hyderabad manufacturer and roof cloth hanger online supplier to major builders in Hyderabad.

In summary roof cloth hangers or ceiling hangers to dry wet clothes, which are fixed to roof with two patties, which contain wheels to help for easily pull up and pull down the stainless steel pipes to dry your wet clothes.

In addition one stopper fixed to the wall to fix the nylon ropes, which are coming from the stainless steel pipe.

Roof Cloth Hangers Hyderabad Features:
To summarize our roof cloth hanger system is very easy to operate.
In brief each rod pull down system.
Altogether rust free stainless steel pipes.
To enumerate long life of nylon rope.
To emphasize installation by well trained technician and we do free installation with one year free service.
Specifically roof cloth hanger available in ready-made sizes of 5 feet, 6 feet, 7 feet, and 8 feet sizes.
To point out width of 2.5 feet is enough to fix the 6 rods set with each rod space of 6 inches.
Why Choose Us:
To be sure we also do custom made set according to your balcony requirement.
To clarify we can offer best competitive price comparatively to market.
First thing to remember you can get site visit from our technician to know the exact size and suitable model according to your balcony.
Roof Hanger Service:
Roof cloth hangers rope change.
Thread change.
Pulley change.
Installation of roof cloth hanger.
Re-installation of roof cloth hanger when relocation from one place to another place.
We Offer Services For:
Ceiling Cloth Hanger Rope Change in Hyderabad
Cloth Drying Ceiling Hanger in Hyderabad.
Wall Mount Ceiling Hanger in Hyderabad.
Roof cloth hangers Hyderabad.
Pulley cloth drying hanger Hyderabad.

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