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To enjoy the royal palate, visit 'Umaid Bhawan'.

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When you are attracted to the high walls of a majestic fort, the turret and its complex structure, they look far away from the windows and hear that the soldiers here are fighting for the enemy soldiers and fighting their enemy. If you do not have any hesitation in sacrificing life, you definitely meet your inheritance which is still alive in the pages of history today. Apart from this, when you get an opportunity to stay in the palace of Raja-Maharaj's palace with almost the same kind of chaat, then once in a while you can feel as if you are a Maharaja or a member of the royal family. This feeling can be a forgettable tone for you. And if there is a desire to feel their affection in the mind, then spend the night in the palaces.

Even though the king-king and his fondness are not retained, but in today's time, you can also experience his status and royal nature and go to the fort and palaces to a great extent.Actually, symbols of majestic glory Many forts and palaces have been transformed into luxury hotels, where the Heritage Fee has been largely conserved with all the amenities of the modern era. Tours of these forts and palaces can prove to be quite thrilling in terms of tourism. Staying here is like a majestic feeling and return to those moments of history. History, adventure, flavor and wildlife are all about these 10 places of Rajasthan Read this also.

Vaibhav's witness Umaid Bhawan Shahi rich heritage and wealth of the Rajasthani castles in Rajasthan are wonderful in the palace. Umaid Bhawan Palace, the royal palace of Jodhpur, introduces you to every royal tradition. Its owner is Maharaja Gaj Singh. His father, Maharaja Ummed Singh, built it.

In its museum, the majestic airplane models, weapons, antiques, watches, bob watches, utensils, cutlery, photographs and hunting trophies have been conserved up to. Today this palace is the Royal Destination for the big business houses, royal weddings and Bollywood movies. Feeling like kings, these 10 raj mahal roams also say that during the fierce famine in Marwar, Maharaja Umaid Singh had started its construction in the year 1929. It was designed by Henry Lancaster of Britain in about five years.

Umaid Bhawan was completed in the year 1943. There are a total of 347 rooms and halls in it. After independence, in 1978, it was converted into a hotel. However, even today one part of the former King's family lives.

Due to Jodhpur's famous Chintala, local people know it as Chitra Palace. The castle is built by adding sandstone decorated. The interesting thing is that no spices were used to bind stones. & nbsp; Such a traditional meal of Jodhpur which will not taste anymore, know what is special.

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