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Which one is best Tata Nexon Petrol vs Nexon EV

February 11, 2020
Which one is best Tata Nexon Petrol vs Nexon EV

At Auto Expo 2020 we saw the arrival of many electric cars. So often comes up with the question of whether purchasing an electric car is an expensive deal? In such a case we will be responding to your comment today.

We're taking two cars up to you today. Tata Nexon Petrol and Tata Nexon EV both are a company's vehicles. One is powered by gasoline, and another by electric car. We'll tell you today that if these two cars are running for a long period of time, which car will cost you so very much?


Tata Nexon Petrol costs at Rs 7,87,860. Tata Nexon EV's price is Rs 15,67,494, at the very same period. The price of both vehicles is almost twice the difference In such a case, Tata Nexon Petrol is heavy at first sight on the Tata Nexon EV in terms of economy, but also the whole news needs to be interpreted for the facts.


Tata Nexon Petrol uses petrol as its fuel. In such a circumstance a mileage of 17.2 kilometers per liter is provided by its petrol version. At the very same time, you'll get 312 km of a ridge in the Tata Nexon EV. That is, this car is running 312 km on full charge by stopping once.

Price per unit/liter

Tata Nexon Petrol uses petrol as its fuel. In this kind of case, for 1 liter of petrol, you will pay around 72,89 rupees. At the very same time, Tata Nexon EV takes a full charge package of 30.2 kWh.

How much petrol/unit would be used at 1.5 lakh kilometers?

The Tata Nexon Petrol model can take up to 8,721 liters of petrol to cover a 1.5 lakh km drive. At the very same time, the Tata Nexon EV model would take 14,519 kWh units to reach the 1.5 lakh km path.

Bumper benefits are here

The Tata Nexon Fuel model will hold 1,5 lakh km of fuel with 8,721 liters. That is, it will cost Rs 72.89 per liter, Rs 6,35,669. The Tata Nexon Petrol model will also take 14,519 kWh units for 1.5 lakh km at the same time. That is, it'll cost Rs 94.375 per Rs 6.5 unit.

Who is the lowest economy vehicle?

The Tata Nexon Petrol model costs Rs 7,87,860, but if you ride with this car for 1,5 lakh kilometers, the total cost becomes Rs 14,23,529. At the very same time, the cost of Tata Nexon EV is Rs 15,67,494 but the total cost becomes Rs 16,61,869 after 1.5 lakh km has been set.

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