The ink is in many ways special in General Election 2019, in these elections it is estimated to cost 33 crores

April 14, 2019
The ink is in many ways special in General Election 2019, in these elections it is estimated to cost 33 crores

90 crore people are going to cast their votes this year in the Lok Sabha elections. These people will decide together who will be the power of the country. Ink plays a very important role in elections. This blue ink is placed in the finger of every voter.

This is proof of the participation of people in the elections. According to media reports In these elections, the ink will be used for the installation of 90 million people on the finger. Election Commission has ordered 26 lakh bottle inks. Polling for Lok Sabha elections will begin on April 11 and will be completed on May 19, passing through seven phases.

Votes will be counted on May 23. It looks like a bottle marks on 350 voters A bottle of ink is of 10 ml. This marks a mark of about 350 voters. In 2014, 21.5 million bottles of ink were ordered. More than 4.5 lakh bottles have been floated this year. In 2009, ink worth 12 crores was purchased. In comparison, ink is being floated at least three times this year. The mark of this ink stays at the Voter's finger for at least 20 days.

Read also - NaMo food packets sharing policemen engaged in election duty, viral on video social media This special ink is made only in this company The monopoly to make this ink has been given to Mysore Paints and Varnish Limited Company located in Mysore. The company has prepared this scar on a chemical formulated by the National Physical Laboratory of India. How this ink is made is a mystery. This ink was first used in 1962.

Then the price of 3.74 lakh bottles was Rs. 3 lakhs. Read also - Decision of Election Commission: Will not release PM Modi's biopic, stoppage on NaMo TV In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the company had earned 4 crores The company's income is mainly dependent on the Indian elections. In the financial year 2006-07, the company had made a profit of Rs 1.8 crore.

In the Lok Sabha elections held in 2004, the company provided ink worth Rs. 4 crores. In the Cambodia general elections 2008, the company sent ink worth 1.28 crores. Read also - The country that sells 70 paise liters of petrol sells water at Rs.

28 per liter, America's reserve of oil reserves here Most used in Uttar Pradesh Until the Lok Sabha elections in 2004, only one point was made in the hand of the voter. In 2006, the Election Commission turned this point into a long straight line. Needed more ink than this. Along with this, about 3 lakh bottles are used in Uttar Pradesh according to the population of the people.

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