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In 90 cities of the country, pollution decreased by lockdown

April 2, 2020
In 90 cities of the country, pollution decreased by lockdown

The lockdown's presence has started to appear in the wider environment. Over the last couple of days, more than 90 cities have reported minimal air pollution. Environmentalists have urged it to operate as a wake-up call at the expense of the environment and stop obsessing development. In view of the Coronavirus outbreak, the lockdown has been implemented in the country. The government has advised people to stay in the house and stop unnecessary journeys under this. This has reduced people's movement around the country significantly.

According to the government-run Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research System (SAFAR), steps taken due to coronavirus outbreak resulted in a 30 percent decline in PM2.5 in Delhi. It has decreased by 15 percent in Ahmedabad and Pune.

Thus declining is the amount of pollution with nitrogen oxide (NOx), which may raise the risk of respiratory problems. NOx emissions are caused primarily by further traffic movement. Puno has reduced NOX emissions by 43 percent, Mumbai by 38 percent and Ahmedabad by 50 percent.

Gufran Baig, a traveling scientist, said that pollution usually occurs in the medium range (index range for air quality: 100–200) in March, although it is currently satisfactory (AQI 50–100) or reasonable (AQI 0–50). Local factors such as the closures of factories, buildings, and traffic have helped improve the air quality.

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