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New Research on Cronavirus, by responding to tissue samples, the device will detect disease

March 23, 2020
New Research on Cronavirus,  by responding to tissue samples, the device will detect disease

US researchers have managed to build a device that can calculate the progression of the disease by blowing sound waves into tissue samples. The application of this tool will provide a new way of detecting cancer.

This device is mentioned in the magazine Lab on Chip. The system detects stress coming into the structure of the human body's cells and it tells whether cancer affects the tissues, according to the report. According to researchers at Paderu University in the US, tracking changes in this tissue structure, called external matics, may provide scientists and doctors another way to study the disease's progression. 

Rahim Rahimi of Padyaru University, the study's co-author said it emphasizes the retention to be adopted to check for damage in the airplane's wing. Even in this, the sound wave flows from one side into the material, and the receiver is positioned on the other side. It is then determined on a wave-based basis whether or not the material becomes harmed.

The study states that each tissue and organ has its own unique external matics. Just like the houses built on the street differ in structure depending on their purpose. Scientists involved in the current work suggest earlier studies used only pulling or compressing samples of external matics to diagnose the disease. These methods present a risk of harm to outside matics, however.

In the current research, Rahimi's team developed a new approach to research how external matics are not harmed and how the hazardous substances or drugs reaction occurs.

The study states that a transmitter generates an ultrasonic wave that propagates through the substance after inserting external matics and cells into a platform built into the device, and then tigers the receiver. An output is developed from this in the form of an electrical signal, indicating the stiffness of the external matics.

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