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Newspapers before coming into your hands are getting sanitized

April 3, 2020
Newspapers before coming into your hands are getting sanitized

Some people spreading the myth that the newspaper could cause corona, but it doesn't. Underwent numerous procedures, newspapers have now been sanitized. There is no possibility therefore of spreading coronavirus from newspapers and magazines.

To think about it that way, Lucknow, Indo Surgeon Prof. Sanjay Gandhi Institute of Postgraduate Medical Sciences (PGI) of Chand Gyan. He said research institutes have also reported that newspapers were totally safe. There have been no confirmed cases of coronavirus outbreak from them.

It is only through contact with an infected human. The newspaper may be your supportive partner in stopping this dangerous virus. A lot of research is actually going on around the world. You can keep updated in this respect only via the newspaper. It needs to be understood that good newspaper reporting always helps to keep our outlook positive.

The Director of the Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP), Dr. Pramod Trivedi, says that the infection is not present in the country to the extent that a large number of people are infected. Apparently the infection just happens to certain people who have come from abroad or come in touch with them. There is no chance of a newspaper infection. However don't fall into this misunderstanding at all.

The newspaper provides you with all the details and in such a situation, a newspaper can be your companion in spending time while you are at home. Newspapers frequently send us new information about corona infection, according to Dr. Sanjeev Saxena, Meerut's cardiologist. Corona is a virus where the treatment is prevention. This becomes more infected and attracts huge populations.

For such a large number of people get afraid. In case of a lockdown, people remain in their houses. Don't walk over here and over there. Keep away from the sneezing and coughing. Start reading the daily morning newspaper. Read even magazines that can boost mental health, too.

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