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Passengers should maintain a distance of one meter in the metro

March 20, 2020
Passengers should maintain a distance of one meter in the metro

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has also taken several such measures in view of the Corona virus outbreak which will be successful in preventing Corona infection. Among these is the most critical decision that passengers have to make a distance of one meter even within the metro. Passengers would not be able to move while they are standing in the metro. People sitting on the seat will leave a seat as well. Thermal scanning will screen passengers entering the metro. The metro will not stop at the stations at the same stations, where there will be more congestion. The Metro administration has been depending on the people to leave their homes only if necessary.

  • Necessary travel only: travel by metro only when required and necessary.

  • Keep a distance: Maintain a distance of at least 1 meter from each other while traveling by metro or at the station. Passengers will not be allowed to stand and ride in the metro while the passengers who board the metro will have to sit down and leaving one seat.

  • Thermal scanning: Passenger thermal scanning is performed at all metro stations. If anyone has a fever or displays other signs of the coronavirus, they are referred to authorities for medical examination and quarantine.

  • Metro is not going to stop at crowded stations: Metro trains may not stop at stations that may be crowded with passengers. That is, if the situation between passengers is less than the estimated distance of 1 meter, the train will not stop.

  • Train frequency: It will change depending on train conditions.

  • Non-travel advice: Passengers with similar symptoms to those diagnosed with the coronavirus have been advised not to travel by metro or any other mode of public transport.

  • Cooperate and be patient: DMRC has urged people to overcome with patience and cooperation with the authorities to minimize the corona virus spread.

  • Government advice must be followed: when traveling by metro and staying on the premises, passengers must follow the advice provided from time to time by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to prevent the corona virus spread.

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