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WHO is concerned about the ability of the virus to stay alive in the air

March 26, 2020
WHO is concerned about the ability of the virus to stay alive in the air

The claim has also been told so far that the coronavirus can not survive in the air, as its spike has to stick to the surface. Research at Wuhan Central University and the University of Singapore has already made it clear that the coronavirus can survive in air. It is possible through the development of substances such as aerosols. It is an unusual but not impossible condition. Experts from Wuhan Central University found that the coronavirus can live comfortably from 1.1 hours to two hours.

It has implemented the same strategy to live in the air as it had followed its distant relative SARS ' COV virus. Major concern: Dr. Maria Wayne Kerkhov, head of the Department of Emergency Services and Animal Husbandry Diseases of the WHO, officially warned that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) could be airborne (residing alive in the air).

In his official statement, Dr. Maria stated that, unfortunately, the coronavirus can live in the air for a while due to medical equipment that produces aerosols (a mixture of air and vapor). This is a state of exception but it is a potential state. In such a situation, in view of the aerosol situation, we have to send rescue kits to the doctors and paramedics who treat the contaminated patients and people have to make more and more quarantines.

He stated that the coronavirus remains in an airborne state of suspension and may become active as soon as possible. Dr. Maria said that heat and humidity would depend a lot on that. Importantly, several bodies, including the WHO, have cautioned that conditions of excess moisture are beneficial to the corona. In conditions of excess humidity, the virus may become airborne.

Here's how: Dr. K.K. Lann's team made two hospitals at the center of their study which treated people infected with the Coronavirus. Out of these two large hospitals, a total of 35 samples went for air. There was deep suspicion in the ICU area, where the infected people were being treated. Coronavirus has not been identified in ICU area air. After that the usual ward winds were checked, not even coronavirus was found in the air here.

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