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If you have gold in your house, then you can you earn from it. Know about the scheme of SBI

April 25, 2019
If you have gold in your house, then you can you earn from it. Know about the scheme of SBI

If you have a gold in your house and keep it locked in the vault, then State Bank of India (SBI) has brought a scheme for you, under which you can earn gold. Under SBI's Revamped Gold Deposit Scheme (R-GDS) you can invest in gold in your home. You must have at least 30 grams of gold to invest in this scheme. Under this scheme, customers can ensure the safety of deposited gold at home, as well as earn money from them.

SBI Gold Deposit Scheme In the SBI's Gold Deposit Scheme, customers can use unused Gold (Gold) as their investment. Through this, customers can earn as much interest as gold kept in their home. On investing in Gold Deposit Scheme, the bank gives interest at a fixed rate. The advantage of this scheme is that any person can collect gold alone or jointly.

How much gold can deposit You have to deposit at least 30 grams of gold to invest in this scheme. There is no limit to the maximum. Any individual can open SBI Gold Deposit Account alone or jointly. Any company or charitable organization registered with any partnership or proprietor firm, SEBI, can open this account.

will have to be deposited for so many years Under SBI's Gold Deposit Scheme, there are 3 types of options & zwj. - Short term bank deposit - for 1 to 3 years - Medium Term Government Deposit - for 5 to 7 years - Long Term Government Deposit - For 12 to 15 Years How much interest Short-term bank deposits will be 0.55% for depositing gold for 1 year, 0.55 for 1 to 2 years and 0.60% interest on investing for 2 to 3 years. Medium Term Government Deposit will get interest of 2.25%. Long Term Government Deposit will get interest of 2.50%.

such as investment You can deposit it by visiting SBI Branch. However, under this scheme, you can deposit gold on only a few branches. For this, customers will also need ID proof and address proof. The complete information about the scheme is given on the SBI website https://www.sbi.co.in/portal/web/personal-banking/revamped-gold-deposit-scheme-r-gds.


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