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Small Business Day will begin on December 14 By Amazon, Thousands of MSME entrepreneurs will participate

December 12, 2019
Small Business Day will begin on December 14 By Amazon, Thousands of MSME entrepreneurs will participate

Amazon today announced big news on December 14, 2019, Amazon's biggest business festival event of small and medium businesses, Small Business Day. The second event program of Amazon Small Business Day will start from midnight on 14 December 2019 and will run till 11:59 pm on the same day.

You can see and get offers This specially designed online event will give customers the opportunity to discover and buy unique and rare products from start-ups, women entrepreneurs, craftsmen and weavers under its various programs like Amazon Launchpad, Amazon Saheli, Amazon Artisan, With this, they will be able to enjoy deals and offers from millions of SMBs and MSMEs. From every order received this year, Amazon will pay 1 rupee to the partner NGO for training and skill development of MSMEs.

You will be able to purchase a product made in India Under Small Business Day, customers will be able to shop for real handicrafts like Churu furniture products and Bhuj Rogan artwork and Lippan work. Apart from this, products made by tribal communities of India, health and nutrition products, organic products, crores of genuine handicrafts will be able to find and buy crores of unique, rare, exploratory and products made in India. Gopal Pillai, Vice President, Seller Services at Amazon India, said, "E-commerce has played a significant role in helping MSMEs to join International Trade and Global Value Chain (GVC) by reducing entry costs and barriers. The inclusion of GVCs can be enhanced brilliantly by expanding the advantages of the e-commerce platform for Indian MSMEs.

It is also important that key stakeholders work together to raise awareness about the opportunities offered by e-commerce to Indian MSMEs. To work towards this integration, CII and Amazon agreed to launch a series of workshops in 5 cities to identify MSME clusters of leather and footwear, apparel and textiles, automobiles, bicycle parts and handicrafts. The workshop aims to spread awareness about e-commerce and focus on how MSMEs can leverage e-commerce for their success, especially for B2C exports.

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