From today you will have to pay more for these five things

April 1, 2019
From today you will have to pay more for these five things

Cars will become expensive Buying a car will be expensive since April 1. Indeed, Tata Motors, Jaguar Land Rover India and Toyota Kirloskar Motors have announced an increase in car prices. Tata Motors' cars can be up by Rs 25,000 Tiago, Hexa, Tiger, Nixon, and Harrier are prominent among the models of Tata Motors which can increase prices.

Jaguar Land Rover India (JLR) will increase the price of selected models by up to 4 %. Car driving will also be expensive Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Piped Natural Gas (PNG), which is used in vehicles since April 1, can be expensive. Indeed, the price of natural gas is expected to increase by 18 percent. This can lead to an increase in the prices of the kitchen (PNG) and CNG supplied by pipes in the country.

This increase can have an impact on manufacturing, travel, energy sector. Increasing the price of gas can also increase WPI inflation. Prices will increase in the cost of the coronary stent The cost of a coronary stent in the use of heart patients can increase from April 1. Actually, last year's prices are valid only until March 2019.

Although the increase in prices is moderate, it is difficult. Coronary Stent is a type of tube that is applied to blood vessels in the heart during the treatment of heart disease. They keep the arterial veins open. Air travel can be expensive There is a possibility of an increase in air tickets in the coming days.

A government committee has recommended taking more passenger service fees (PSF) than before traveling by air travelers. If this recommendation applies, then on your pocket. can increase petrol-diesel prices Petrol and diesel prices are expected to increase in April. In fact, there is a continuation of the rise in the prices of crude oil and in the coming days, there is no scope for the deficit.

In such a case, experts believe the country's state-owned oil companies can increase the prices of diesel and petrol.

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