Government company is offering a chance to open a Gold Savings account in just Rs 100

March 14, 2019
Government company is offering a chance to open a Gold Savings account in just Rs 100

By spending only 100 rupees, you can buy 24-hour gold for seven days. This proposal is giving you the Indian government company. People from rural areas can also avail of this facility. The big deal is that when your heart is able to withdraw money by selling the gold you purchased or if you want it, you can take it as a physical in order to give a gift to the children.

The people of the village can avail of this scheme with the help of Common Service Center (CSC). The specialty of this scheme is that you are not obliged to buy gold every month or every day or every year. Just as you have to deposit money in a fixed time on joining an insurance scheme. Only when you have a desire, you can buy it.

Like a mutual fund or another investment scheme, there is no lock-in period in it. The account will be opened like a bank account To join this scheme, you have to open your account just like a bank savings account. You can open this account just by giving 100 rupees. Keeping 100-100 rupees in this account according to your wishes.

When the amount equal to 1 gram of gold comes into your account then 1 g gold will climb into your account. Let's say the price of 34 thousand rupees 10 grams is currently going on. In such a situation, only 3400 rupees would be climbing 1 gram gold. Can not buy more than Rs 49,999 at a time.

The name of this scheme is Goldrush and it is giving an opportunity to open an account under Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited and MMTC-PAMP. MMTC is a public company working under the Ministry of Commerce of the Government of India, then pump Switzerland's Boolean Company. Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited is a public limited company which is formed jointly by various major banks and it works as a subsidiary company of IFCL.

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