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A.I. Artificial Intelligence device detects air pollution

March 29, 2020
A.I. Artificial Intelligence device detects air pollution

Scientists have developed a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) program that can predict the level of air pollution. Researchers at Loughborough University in the UK said, "This system's technology is new in many respects. It has the potential to provide new insights into environmental factors that influence levels of air pollution. He said that in this project, PM 2.5 has been projected via AI. PM2.5 indicates particulate matter having a diameter of fewer than 2.5 μm. Visibility in cities is often blurred when the atmospheric level is high.

It is hazardous to health PM 2.5: Particulate matter is a form of air pollutant and is regarded as one of the major public health problems. "This is because these particles are so small that they can quickly reach our lungs and then the bloodstream, leading to cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and other respiratory diseases that include people," the researchers said.

Eun Lee of Loughborough University said, "It's not that we actually don't have systems that can forecast PM 2.5 but the latest system will take this technology to the next stage." Using this, we will say about a particular location about an hour before, how the air conditioner will be there in the next few hours.

Researchers said,' This framework also offers detailed information on different factors and air pollution data that can contribute to a better understanding of weather and environmental factors.' He said this AI program has such potential that it can use air pollution analysis tools, i.e. air pollution analysis tools, as a carbon credit trading system.

Blood also is polluted because of air pollution

Because of air pollution, carbon monoxide combines with human blood hemoglobin molecules 200 times faster than oxygen, and hemoglobin is produced by the poisonous agent Cabrexi. Because of which the breathing ceases even though oxygen is available in the blood, suffocation often suffocates. However, due to acid rain, the water in the rivers and groundwater gets contaminated.

Implementation of machine learning

Using computer linings the research team developed a framework. It is a form of the technique of artificial intelligence that uses a large amount of data to learn rules and features. This forecasts air pollution, with the aid of this. Researchers used air pollution data from Beijing to check the agglomeration. He said the device will now also be checked on live data obtained from sensors installed in Schengen, China.

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