Start booking in New Year for Goa Trip

November 26, 2018
Start booking in New Year for Goa Trip

Goa is always considered to be a very good place for New Year celebration If you are planning to go to Goa on the new year, then book tickets today.

It may be expensive to take a package for Goa in December. There is a lot of crowd in Goa on the new year, and later you will have to pay a higher price. Tour and travel company travel.

An official of the company said that now a complimentary charge is being taken, almost all the books are full till the first week of December. After that, 30 to 50 % more charges have to be paid. She says the new year by the end of November For Goa hotels, booking is between 50% and 70%. Getting package for now Travel companies have different packages.

If you take these packages now, you will get cheap prices, but in December this package will increase 80 percent. Three Night on Make My Trip, every person for a four day The package will be available for Rs. 16, 565. Includes Plite, hotel and food.

This package will reach 50 thousand in December.

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