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How Technology is Helping into Easy & Joyful Travelling

June 5, 2019
How Technology is Helping into Easy & Joyful Travelling

**Power of Technology in Travelling - **

Every moment of every day thousands of people in the world plan their trips & technology help to send them easily. Let me explain which way technology is helping and making successful travel journey.

Before a few years back travel was very hectic due to manual process like - booking tickets, hotels and foods resources. By using technology every travel-related resources have been easier and helpful.

Through technology, you can choose hotels, transport, food, accommodation, activities, and places according to your own choice and flexibility.

**Significant changes in travelling through technology -**

According to Data sources, 10 Billion travellers will travel by the year 2030 including domestic and international. Technology helps in the estimation of everything including future trips through the wish list and booking.

**Technical Resources which Helps in Making Travel Plans nowadays - **

We all have smartphones which play a major and important role in travels. Technical resources like - Smartphone, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Electronic Payments (Wallets, Cards, Net banking ..etc),

Social Media (Articles, Rate & Reviews, Comments, Photos ..etc).

**Messaging, Newsletters, App Notifications & Offers - **

Nowadays everyone has a mobile, email id and social account. Travel agencies are reaching to end user through electrically and getting travel deals. Traveller getting newsletter and message with beautiful photos and offers with all estimated expenses and choosing offers and deals according to their comfortability and budget.

**Less Time Taken, Echo & Proper Planning through Technology -**

Every traveller wants to enjoy more and more on their trips because most travellers have less time and fixed days on their trips.

So that no one wants to spend time in line for booking tickets, check-in in hotels and seeing sight seen. Technology gives a solution for all this like - M-tickets, E-tickets, Mobile Check-In and Travel documents in mobile phones.

**Wish List, Check List & To do list - **

There are many things we need to remember before start travelling like - Clothes according to trip temperature, passport, visa and other travel accessories. It is human nature we forgot some important things before heading from home. Through technology, we can solve this problem easily through a checklist where all important accessories listed properly with tik.

**Most Important Role of Technical Resources - Rate & Review of each travel resources -**

All of us want to book the best hotels, the best transport, best food, best vendors on our trips. Nowadays many travel apps like - MakeMyTrip, Yatra every travel agencies provides ratting, reviews of each vendor based on their nature and services.

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