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Seedy world of Russian virginity dealers who sell girls as young as 17 for thousands to wealthy commercial travellers

It found that in other instances women place their own advertisements selling the "right to the first night" On forums and dating websites typically offering their families to "older, wealthier man,

Porn star who paid her way through excellent university with X rated videos place at top <a href=>russian dating fails</a> law school The virginity dealers look for girls online and post adverts on forums and social media. It is not known whether or not the image used was of a woman whose virginity was being sold.

Another Russian social media forum recruiting ladies is called Desperate Virgins' Club.

Shockingly these forums get thousands of girls enrolling in.

A 19 year old girl from Moscow naming herself Milana Mercer wrote on of the adverts: "planning virginity, Please send me a personal message. i am certain from Moscow, i personally 19, 175 cm (large), importance 65 kg,

another said: "lady. 17. promoting virginity. Details in private posts,

The dealers boast about the wealth these girls and ladies can get from selling their first time.

One promoting a virginity trading site said: "marina sold her virginity for 1.5 million roubles (18,900), And bought a great holiday apartment, With an image of a woman, Although it is also not clear if the use of the picture was genuine.

The report was published by lifestyle website Bumaga.

A 20 year old called Anastasia from rust belt industrial city Magnitogorsk told the site she is currently offering to sell her virginity to help pay for cancer treatment for her mother.

She is waiting around an offer of 300,000 roubles as well 3750, Said the new.

And an 18 year old girl called Lena from Moscow said: "rather than losing my virginity, natural environment. if I make some money from it,

Other girls don't you agree.

Dasha, 19, touted the act wasn prostition.

She assumed: "It not necessarily prostitution. I want to meet a wealthy man and try to get into a spousal relationship with him,

While others wanted to get money to help their career prospects.

Rita, 18, From Rostov claims: "To start a service, you will capital.

"You produce a lot having a regular job, But here you don even need to consider most things,

Dmitry, 38, From Siberia said he'd twice "picked up" 18 year old virgins aiming for a wife who had "Not had anyone.

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