gurupatham spine care centre

gurupatham spine care centre

Gurupatham Spine Care Centre (GSCC), is an ISO Certified Organization started in the year 2007 with a vision to cure patients suffering from spine related problems. With God's grace, we were able to focus our skills on treating patients who were suffering from spinal problems, and our main aim was to help them live a pain free life. Over the years, our core level of expertise and commitment remains the same. Our commitment and dedication for spine care has become stronger with the passing of years; we have developed powerful and accurate expertise on non-invasive treatment which is best in the medical field!

By incorporating cutting edge technology in to our expertise in spine care, our healing capabilities have grown immensely. We have taken spine care treatment to a new innovative level, ensuring a permanent spinal solution for our patients. Our core competence is in providing wellness solutions that are long term and non-invasive. And our success rates are at an amazing 90 -95%.

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